• Hotdog nosework toy.
  • Hotdog nosework toy.
  • Strap made from nylon.
  • Place snacks inside the cover.
  • Place snacks inside the cover before placing the hot dog.
  • Dimensions for hotdog nosework toy.
  • Cats love this toy, just place catnip inside the toy.

Hotdog Nosework Toy

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  • Nosework & squeaking.
  • A hotdog shaped toy where snacks or food can be inserted between the inner and outer part of the toy.
  • The outer layer of the toy comes off allowing for nosework to engage your pet's senses.
  • A popular toy with cats and dogs, just hide your cat's favorite catnip or your dog's favorite snack in the gaps.
  • Tugging encouraged to let your pet find their snacks by encouraging them to take off the outer layer.
  • This contains one plush toy (hot dog) with outer cover (ketchup & mustard).
  • Color and product size may vary slightly.
  • Made from polar fleece. Strap made from nylon.
  • Made in Korea.