• 2 Salad Bread toys with some treats.
  • Close up of the salad bread toy
  • half-unraveled salad bread toy.
  • insert food or snacks into the folds to encourage nosework.
  • dog pulling apart the salad bread nosework toy
  • place the toy in a washer bag in order to machine wash
  • gif of a dog playing with the toy

Salad Bread Nosework Toy

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  • Nosework, rustling, squeaking & tugging.
  • Nosework Difficulty: Easy to Medium Difficulty
  • A sandwhich filled with veggies shaped toy where snacks or food can be inserted in various places.
  • Disassembling, searching & tugging help engage your pet's senses & mind.
  • Variable levels of nosework to engage your pet's senses.
    • For beginner nosework, deconstruct the toy and place snacks within the inner layers to engage interest.
    • For medium nosework, place snacks within the inner layers and the tucked in strings.
  • Allows for tugging with the multiple, long strings. Strings can also help remove tartar and plaque from your pet's teeth.
  • The body of the sandwich has a squeaker & the rustling inner fabric to engage your pet's ears.
  • The bread has a width of 3.3 inches (85 mm), a height of 4.3 inches (110 mm) and a width of 2.8 inches (70 mm).
  • Color and product size may vary slightly.
  • Hand wash or place in a laundry bag and gentle wash in lukewarm water.
  • Made from ultra-fine microfiber & fabric yarn.
  • Made in Korea.