• Banana nosework toy.
  • Banana nosework toy.
  • Unwrapped banana nosework toy.
  • Not closed banana nosework toy.
  • Add snacks to engage your pet's senses.
  • Banana nosework toy with many holes and pockets for snacks and treats.
  • Unraveled banana nosework toy.
  • Banana nosework toy closes with velcro.
  • Dimensions of banana nosework toy.
  • How to use banana nosework toy part 1.
  • How to use banana nosework toy part 2.

Banana Nosework Toy

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  • Nosework & rustling.
  • A banana shaped toy that unravels to reveal many pockets for food and snacks.
  • Multiple pockets inside allow for nosework to engage your pet's senses.
  • Rolling the banana up and closing it with velcro increases the difficulty while leaving the banana open makes it easy to play with.
  • Color and product size may vary slightly.
  • Made from neoprene and microfiber.
  • Made in Korea.