• Crab nosework toy.
  • Crab nosework toy.
  • Crab nosework toy.
  • Crab nosework toy.
  • Opened crab nosework toy.
  • Velcro to close crab nosework toy.
  • Bottom of crab nosework toy.
  • Dimensions of crab nosework toy.
  • Gif of crab nosework toy being opened.

Crab Nosework Toy

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  • Squeaking, rustling & nosework.
  • Crab shaped toy with a pirate face, a squeaker in the body, rustling upper shell and many pockets for nosework underneath the upper shell.
  • Variable levels of nosework. For easy nosework, place food and snacks within the pockets of the body and leave the upper shell open. For medium nosework, close the upper shell, but do not velcro the shell closed. For difficult nosework, velcro the upper shell closed. 
  • Legs and claws of the crab are perfect for playing tug.
  • Color and product size may vary slightly.
  • Made from microfiber and corduroy.
  • Made in Korea.