• Octopus nosework toy.
  • Octopus nosework toy with starfish and stingray nosework toy.
  • Octopus nosework toy.
  • Pockets for food and snacks.
  • Octopus nosework toy.
  • Bottom of the tentacles are lined with corduroy.
  • Dog with octopus nosework toy.
  • Dimensions for octopus nosework toy.
  • Gif of octopus nosework toy.

Octopus Nosework Toy

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  • Nosework, tugging & rustling.
  • Octopus shaped toy with a nosework insert, multiple strings and a pirates face. 
  • 29.5 inch attached nosework insert with multiple pockets for nosework to engage your pet's senses.
  • Can also be used to play tug due to multiple strings and legs of the octopus encourage tug play. Strings can also help remove tartar and plaque from your pet's teeth.
  • For beginner nosework, place snacks in nosework insert and slightly tuck insert into the octopus leaving a portion of it out (length of insert left out depends on your pet's level of interest, leave more out if your pet is disinterested). For more advanced nosework, place snacks in nosework insert, tuck insert into octopus completely and then tuck strings into the octopus covering the nosework insert. 
  • Head of the octopus rustles.
  • Color and product size may vary slightly.
  • Made from microfiber, corduroy, yarn and polar fleece. 
  • Made in Korea.