• berry palette toy.
  • Both palette toys, berry on the left and soda on the right.
  • Both paette toys, berry on the top left and soda on the bottom right.
  • top and bottom view of berry palette toy.
  • soda palette toy.
  • top and bottom view of soda palette toy.
  • Rope attachment on one end of soda palette toy.
  • Filling of berry palette toy.

Palette Toy

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  • Squeaking.
  • Rectangular shaped toy with 2 different colored fabrics and 2 squeakers on each side.
  • Designed specifically for dog's red-green colorblind eyes. Calm berry color is well suited for lively, cheerful dogs while the bright soda color is well suited for quiet, cautious dogs.
  • Dimensions of toy body: width - 70 mm/2.8 inches, height - 90 mm/3.5 inches. Length of strap: 50 mm/2 inches
  • Color and product size may vary slightly.
  • Made from microfiber and cotton.
  • Made in Korea.